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What Is a PacoJet & How Do I Use It?

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If you were browsing the site in December you likely noticed that we added a big brand from the world of modern food equipment- PacoJet, sold in the US by Advanced Gourmet. But if you've never used one before, you may not know too much about them. Well, they are nothing short of amazing and we'll be sharing demo & DIY content for the PacoJet all through 2014. So check out the video above, and check back each month for additional content. And if you're thinking about taking the plunge into ice cream perfection -& far far beyond- you can find the PacoJet right here or at the bottom of this article.
What is the Pacojet?
The Pacojet is a revolutionary and dynamic kitchen system that allows chefs to produce high quality recipes while saving time, labor, and reducing food cost. Its ability to cross easily between frozen dessert applications and savory applications, with the press of a button, makes it a versatile and professional piece of equipment that can easily fit into wide range of production and restaurant kitchens. The word “pacotize” literally means to micro-puree deeply frozen food products into complete homogenous mixtures. However, the Pacojet has a wide range of non-frozen applications as well.

What are the most important features of the Pacojet?
Although the Pacojet has a wide range of functions, its ability to produce any type of frozen desserts is unmatched. Not only can the Pacojet out-produce any table-top ice cream machine in the same amount of time, creating 16 liters of product in a one hour time span, its ability to create “clean-eating” frozen dessert recipes allow chefs the ultimate creativity while utilizing simple, fresh ingredients.
Another important feature of the Pacojet is its ability to maximize food usage and reduce food waste. Because the Pacojet spins at 2000 rpm, it can pulverize and homogenize skins, cores, piths, seeds, and stems, allowing the chef to include what would otherwise be a discarded item, in their final product.

What are your favorite features of the Pacojet?
My favorite feature of the Pacojet is its ability to create simple, clean sorbets. With three simple ingredients: fruit, sugar, and water, the Chef can create a creamy, fresh tasting sorbet. But you can take this even further with the versatile Pacojet, and appeal to a wide range of customers with dietary issues, such a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and refined-sugar free, by simply utilizing a natural fruit juice as opposed to a traditional simple syrup.

How is the Pacojet utilized in a kitchen setting?
The Pacojet’s ability to cross easily between savory and pastry applications, preforming many processing functions that would otherwise be done with multiple appliances, make it ideal for any kitchen setting. Its light-weight movability, easily compatible electricity, and comprehensive accessories system, allow it to replace a wide range of kitchen appliances with one, multi-functioning, high production machine.


mythchef • 08/04/2016
Too small ,not viable for large production,catering etc,etc
eritter • 12/14/2016
The Pacojet works perfectly for large production. You can pacotize all of your beakers ahead of time, and hold them in the freezer at serving temp. Then, quenelle and serve from the pre-pacotized beakers. -Pacojet USA
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