Benefits Of Using The Pacojet In Health Care Institutions |

Benefits Of Using The Pacojet In Health Care Institutions

What Solutions does Pacojet Offer?
• Pacojet is a universal cooking system that enables chefs to ‘micro-puree’ fresh deep-frozen foods into an ultra-smooth mousse, cream or sauce without thawing. This unique food-preparation is called ‘pacotizing’.

Care Catering Needs
• Create customized diets to meet individual special-needs
• Enhance quality of life by serving delicious cuisine
• Offer meals that are appealing and easy to eat
• Manage budget restrictions
Create Premium-Quality Cuisine
- Dysphagia diet
- Whole food diet
- Bland diet
- Intensifies aroma
- Filament free, natural colors and aromas
- Preserves fibers, vitamins, minerals
- Micro purees edible peels, stems, etc.
- Low in salt, cholesterol or sugar

Prepare Enticing Specialty Meals
Pacojet micro-purees fresh, deep-frozen foods without thawing:
• Natural colors
• Intense aromas and delicious avors
• Filament-free textures
Labor Saving, No Food Wastage
Prepare, deep freeze, store and pacotize with the Pacojet cooking system.
• No need to puree or strain your foods, simply dice and place all ingredients directly in the pacotizing beakers.
• Fresh produce is sealed immediately in the pacotizing beaker and optimally stored at - 22 °C – maintaining freshness and hygiene.
• Edible peels, stems, cores, etc. will be micro-pureed. Only the portions required are used, the rest goes back in the freezer for later use.


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