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How to Rinse & Clean the PacoJet

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Have you recently started working with a PacoJet? Lucky you! You now have access to some of the best frozen preparations on earth. And as with everything in the kitchen, it's important to keep it clean.

A full cleaning procedure comprises:

  • A rinsing phase with hot water for preliminary cleaning with the green rinsing component and pacotising blade.
  • A washing phase with the washing component and non-foaming cleaning agent (without the pacotising blade!)
  • A final rinsing phase with hot water using the green rinsing component and pacotising blade.

Each phase lasts about 60 seconds, and the full cleaning procedure must be carried out after processing, before shutting down the kitchen, or after the PacoJet has been idle for some time. Additionally, a cleaning/rinsing phase must also be executed before the first use of the day.

  • Never use a foaming cleaning agent; you need to use a non-foaming solution.
  • Never attach the pacotizing blade to the inner beaker- it always mounts to the PacoJet, then the beaker is mounted separately.
  • Never use harsh, corrosive cleaning agents or any toxic cleaning solutions.
  • Never immerse the machine in water, hold the machine under running water, or spray the machine using a water hose or a steam jet.

And one more quick tip- you can press the venting button in the middle of a rinsing or washing phase to really flush out the venting tube. Just make sure you have a container below to catch all of the expelled liquid.

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