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Benefits Of Using The Pacojet In Health Care InstitutionsBenefits Of Using The Pacojet In Health Care Institutions
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What is it and how do I use it?

The Pacojet 2: The "Must Have" Cooking System


The Pacojet 2 is an essential piece of equipment for modern professional cooking. Pacotizing involves the micro-pureeing of fresh, deep-frozen ingredients under pressure to produce velvety-smooth mousses, soups, farces, sauces and ice creams. The optionally Coupe Set extends the versatility of the Pacojet cooking system to chopping, cutting and mixing of fresh, non-frozen foods without heat transfer.

Order your Pacojet today!
Harvest, freeze, pacotize, serve.
How can market freshness be preserved? The Pacojet delivers pure, natural flavors and aromas with every spin. Simply process your ingredients immediately, store deep-frozen in a pacotizing beaker then micro-puree individual portions la minute as needed. Fine cuisine simply couldn't taste any fresher.

Unrivaled taste, color, texture and freshness.
Want to improve the quality of your preparations? The Pacojet micro-purees fresh deep-frozen food preparations (using air pressure) without thawing. The result is pure sensory delight - a burst of flavor on the tongue, an explosion of color and a velvety-smooth texture on the palate.
Multiply your stalk options. No food waste.
Top quality and maximum savings. The Pacojet gives you the best of both worlds. This unique cooking system reduces food cost, cuts down workload and virtually eliminates overproduction and food waste. Even broccoli can be used in its entirety - including the stalk - to create fine cuisine.

Unlock the secret of ultra-smooth textures.
An airy, creamy farce or a velvety-smooth mousse, the Pacojet can do it all. Try the unique cooking system that has revolutionized traditional cooking procedures. Simply slice, add cream, freeze and pacotize. Success guaranteed.
Never-ending creativity, beaker by beaker.
Unleash your creative genius. With the Pacojet, culinary artistry is no longer the exclusive domain of star chefs. This unique cooking system opens up exciting new applications and design opportunities. Whether you want to experiment with exciting textures or unusual compositions - inventiveness knows no bounds.

Order the "must have" cooking system today!


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