Using the Isi Whipper to Carbonate Fruit |

Using the Isi Whipper to Carbonate Fruit

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Do you have an Isi whipper in your kitchen? It's good for more than whipped cream and fancy foams- CO2 charges will work nicely with it, opening up a whole world of carbonated possibilities.

As always, use your best judgement. The whipping canister uses very high pressures, so never open it until the pressure has been released. If you have any questions about the process, let us know in the comments. Happy carbonating.


wasmith • 04/02/2014
How long will the fruit remain carbonated? Long enough to get through a dinner service, or would you need multiple batches?
haisoodewa • 04/02/2014
Great question- as soon as the siphon is vented, the fruit starts losing carbonation. Outside of the siphon, it retains decent carbonation for about 10 or 15 minutes (though not quite as effervescent as when it comes straight from the siphon). You can reseal the siphon with the fruit,even crack an additional CO2 charge to maintain the carbonation, but be careful not to OVER-carbonate the fruit if it is in there for 6 hours+. It does go flat a little faster than soda. I think it would be a safe bet to have one siphon prepared 3-4 hours in advance per hour of service (of course, multiply the amount of fruit -and siphons needed- to meet the amount of intended covers per hour). For example, if you seat from 6-10pm, I would have four siphons prepared, charging the first at 2pm, the second at 3pm, etc. (as you can see, it only takes you away from prep for a few moments) . That might be a little over-prepared, but you could adjust after seeing how your first service goes. Also note -the tougher the skin of the fruit, the longer it will need to carbonate before serving.
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