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Bocuse d’Or USA Announces A New Executive Director

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This week the Bocuse d'Or USA Foundation announced that Executive Director, Pamela Taylor was stepping down from her position for personal reasons. The new director will be Young Yun, who used to oversee American Express's Platinum and Centurion Concierge program. The full announcement from foundation president Thomas Keller is below.
Dear Friends of Bocuse d’Or USA,

I am writing today to announce that the Bocuse d’Or USA Foundation’s Executive Director, Pamela Taylor, will unfortunately be stepping down on March 15 for personal reasons. Pam has been a successful leader of our Foundation during her tenure, and her enthusiasm and contributions will be missed. Team USA’s efforts this year and the support they received were due in no small part to Pam’s hard work and that of the rest of our staff. We wish Pam the best of luck as she moves to South Carolina temporarily, to be with her husband Eames for the duration of his recovery from surgery, and we thank her again for all her contributions.

Pam adds, “It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of the Foundation and to work with its amazing family of staff, board members, and Culinary Council chefs. I wish the Foundation great success in this next ‘cycle’ of the competition and beyond; go Team USA!”

With the sad news of Pam’s departure comes some positive news, as well: we are excited to announce that Young Yun will step into the Executive Director role as of April 2013. Young has over 17 years of marketing and partnership experience and has spent the past 14 of those years at American Express Company. Her ability to create and develop winning partnerships and sponsorships is something that I know will be of great value to the Foundation. Some of you may have worked with Young directly: she oversaw AMEX’s prestigious By Invitation Only events, as well as the company’s Platinum & Centurion Concierge Program, where she was instrumental in enhancing dining and entertainment access to the highest-level customers and corporations. Please join me, Daniel, and Jerome in welcoming Young to the team.

Young says, “It is an honor to join the Foundation and help support its mission of inspiring culinary excellence in America. The culinary landscape in the U.S. has been growing exponentially, with amazing chef talent and passionate consumers—I am thrilled to help lead the effort in increasing awareness of, and engagement with, Bocuse d’Or USA.”

In the coming months we will be working to get Young up-to-speed and we encourage you to reach out to introduce yourselves. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you for all of your support.

All my best,



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