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Edible Communities 2018 EDDY Awards

Courtesy of Edible Communities
The winners of the 2018 EDDY Awards were chosen earlier this month at the Edible Communities national conference in Nashville. The panel of more than 30 judges included chefs, farmers, authors, activists, editors and other professionals in the culinary world.

Feature Story: Farmer, Rancher, Fisher, Grower
Edible Idaho - Fishing for Sustainability by Guy Hand

Feature Story: Chef
Edible Nashville - The Biscuit Maker by Jill Melton

Feature Story: Food Artisan
Edible Upcountry - The Cheese Whiz by Ashley Warlick

Feature Story: Drink Artisan
Edible Ohio Valley - Beer Meets Food by Tom Morgan

Feature Story: Sustainability
Edible Queens - Incredible, Inedible Oysters by Eleanor Cummins

Feature Story: Social Issue
Edible Rhody - Immigrant Workers and the Seasonal Farms of New England by Leigh Vincola

Feature Story: Recipe
Edible Santa Barbara - Time for Tea by Pascale Beale

Personal Essay
Edible Idaho - A Midwinter Daydream by Casey O'Leary

Photography: Feature Story
Edible Ottawa - The Odd Bits by Katie Shapiro, photos by Jamie Kronick

Photography: Recipe
Edible San Diego - The Deckman Difference by Sarah Shoffler, photos by Chris Rov Costa

Edible DC - Edible Afield: A Spin in the Countryside by David Amini, map design by Torie Patridge, Cherry Blossom Creative

Edible East Bay - In Madame Huang's Kitchen by Scott Peterson

Edible Tulsa - Campfire Mushrooms | photo by Brooke Allen

Visit Edible Communities to learn more about the 2018 winners and finalists in each category.


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