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Ivan Orkin Makes Instant Ramen

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Those little plastic wrapped bricks of instant ramen is the cliche of solo diners, college students and all others pressed for time and cash, but still looking for a warm and comforting meal. At about 10 cents per serving it's appeal is obvious. But the sodium spiked broth and crispy crunchy noodles are about as far from the lush handcrafted noodles and richly flavorful nuanced broths of real ramen, like the ones Ivan Orkin makes, as a dish that shares a name can be. Orkin, a New York-born chef who moved to Tokyo and became obsessed with ramen, eventually opening two of that city's best noodle temples, before returning to the U.S. The folks at Bon Appetit, challenged Orkin to come up with ways to hack instant ramen so it could be a real meal. Watch the video for the delicious results.


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