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What's Playing: Food Movies & Shows

Photo courtesy of Food Evolution
Photo courtesy of Somebody Feed Phil
It seems as if there are new shows about food, chefs, cooking and restaurants popping up every week. Food entertainment is so popular that these shows are showing up in places beyond The Cooking Channel and the Food Network, which are solely devoted to them. Hulu and Netflix are building quite a reputation for airing culinary related programming.

Here’s a sampling of shows to satisfy your gastronomic viewing appetite:

Food Evolution (Hulu)
This documentary narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson spotlights the debate over GMOs being safe enough to eat.

Barbecue (Netflix)
Take a trip to 12 countries around the world and learn how the traditions of cooking over fire are similar in different cultures.

Rotten (Netflix)
Corruption in the food industry is the subject of this six-part documentary. Issues such as inequality in the poultry business to food fraud are explored.

Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix – January 12)
Phil Rosenthal, co-creator of Everbody Loves Raymond, travels the globe to sample the local fare of some of the best food cities. He is the recipient of a James Beard Award for his past PBS show, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.

Barista (Hulu – January 18)
The focus of this 2015 documentary is the World Barista Competition. Precision and creativity among the coffee world’s top baristas is showcased as they compete in various categories.

The Wine Show: Season 2 (Hulu)
This season, hosts Matthew Goode and James Purefoy, are chatting about wine in the South of France.

In Search of Israeli Cuisine (Netflix)
Chef Michael Solomonov, the owner of Philadelpia restaurant Zahav, travels to his homeland of Israel to sample local cuisine. In this documentary, the James Beard award winner explores the current shift in direction of traditional Israeli food.

Chef & My Fridge (Netflix)
This culinary competition show has aired in South Korea since 2014. Korean cooks must prepare meals with ingredients from the refrigerators of celebrity guests.


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