Questlove and David Chang: Battle Fried Chicken Continues |

Questlove and David Chang: Battle Fried Chicken Continues

This week's installment of A Day in the Life — the Hulu video series co-created by Super Size Me documentarian Morgan Spurlock — follows Roots drummer Questlove on a typical day, which for a musician is surprisingly food and nutrition focused. We meet his personal chef who is stocking the fridge with healthful meals and hear Questlove explain how eating right is part of his plan to balance out the excesses of the hip-hop lifestyle.

With a clear exception made for his fried chicken throwdown with David Chang. Or, as Questlove explains, "probably the greatest David and Goliath story in the food world." Battle fried chicken began as a twitter exchange between the pair and quickly exploded into a showdown on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

At stake was pride. love and of course a bet: If Chang lost, Questlove would get a spread in the next issue of Lucky Peach magazine and Chang would put Questlove's chicken in his Momofuku New York restaurants. If Questlove lost, he would do dishes at Momofuku, stand outside with a sandwich board advertising the restaurant, and he'd shout out David Chang for a whole week on "Fallon."

As seen in the video, Chang won the battle by a landslide, but Questlove's chicken will still be making an appearance on the Momofuku menu. For one night only, on Sunday May 20th starting at 5:30pm both chicken contenders will be served and all proceeds from Love's drumsticks will go to the Food Bank of New York City. No word yet whether the drummer will be doing the dishes.


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