Rich Rosendale at TEDx Lewisburg |

Rich Rosendale at TEDx Lewisburg

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After an awesome run at the Bocuse D'Or in 2013, Richard Rosendale,CMC surprised everyone soon after when he left his position as executive chef of The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. During this Tedx talk he explained his decision: "Many of my peers, people from the outside looking in, say, 'Rich, what are you crazy? You've got a prestigious position, a lot of responsibility, great compensation: It's the pinnacle of one's career.' Well, for me, I would reply and say, I'm running out of runway. I have some other things that are meaningful to me." An interesting and powerful message to think about in this time of New Year's resolutions. Learn more about his decision in the video of the talk.


harrisonh • 01/05/2016
Rich is an AMAZING chef and great man. For all cooks and chefs, and people who want to be inspiried by talent and hard work, check out the movie THE CONTENDER which is about the Road to the 2013 Bocuse competition
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