Eric Ripert at CIA & Inside Le Bernardin |

Eric Ripert at CIA & Inside Le Bernardin

Avec Eric, the PBS series featuring Chef Eric Ripert, has released an excellent episode titled "Becoming a Chef." The episode contains a visit to the CIA (you can see GigaChef founder and president Brad Barnes, CMC, standing next to Chef Ripert by the podium) and a walk through all of the stations in the kitchen at Le Bernardin. The episode brings you into the kitchen of a 4 Star restaurant and is truly great viewing for anyone in the industry.
Source: Avec Eric


bpierce • 10/26/2010
What a well done video, he is not only a great chef put a true showman, Think its time to have dinner at Le Bernardin its been years.
jtuthill001 • 10/28/2010
Chef Ripert provides a very sound, structured overview of the brigade. The video is a good vehicle to use demonstrating the dynamics of a professional kitchen and the requirements within. Perhaps, the students who filed a class action against Le Cordon Bleu should watch this video and learn from it
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