Next Level Pastry: Advanced Gourmet Pear Dessert Demo |

Next Level Pastry: Advanced Gourmet Pear Dessert Demo

Cooking District's retail partner, Advanced Gourmet, distributes some of the industry's coolest tools. The Pacojet may be the most popular, but other incredible tools like the HotMix Pro Gastro and a Techfrost Countertop Blast Freezer are on every chef's wishlist.

So what would you use them all for? Chef Saber Rejbe from Advanced Gourmet spent a couple days in the Cooking District test kitchen to record some great video demos. We've also included demos for many of the PolyScience items we carry on the site.

In this video, Chef Saber prepares a pear dessert he originally crafted while working in Paris. It is comprised of maple syrup sous vide pears, anise smoked pear sorbet, chocolate crumble, pear chips, and it's simply fantastic. The demo does a great job of showing what some of the advanced equipment can do, but of course share any questions in the comments field below & we'll answer them asap.


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