Tom Colicchio and Eddie Huang Go Shark Fishing |

Tom Colicchio and Eddie Huang Go Shark Fishing

The Reserve Channel on YouTube is quickly becoming a go to for cool cooking shows. We are already fans of Eric Ripert's On The Table, and this week brought the launch of Hooked Up with Tom Colicchio , which combines Colicchio's "two great passions - fishing and friends." In episode one Tom goes shark fishing with Eddie Huang, bad boy chef/owner of BaoHaus. The chefs talk beginnings, inspiration, music, pot smoking, the reasons behind Huang's feuds with other chefs and why his dad eats at Momofuku Ssam Bar, up the street from BaoHaus, just to mess with him. They also play one mean game of either/or: Eddie on Rachael Ray or Paula Deen: “I’m an ass man, I’m going Paula Deen.” For this and more watch the episode above.


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