From Squatter to Chocolatier |

From Squatter to Chocolatier

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Here at Cooking District we are big fans of career changer food entrepreneurs — those who are brave and imaginative enough to swap the soulless desk job for a Slow Food–style startup and overall edible existence, which is why we are so glad to have vendors like Stinky Bklyn in our stores.

We are also overly fond of of innovative and authentic food programming, like the chef driven shows that Tom Colicchio and Eric Ripert are doing on the Reserve Channel.

So it's kind of a two great tastes that taste great together situation that the latest episode of "EX-PATS," another Reserve Channel show, features a New Yorker who moved to Grenada and founded The Grenada Chocolate Company. From living in a bamboo hut he built to making gourmet chocolate, David "Mott" Green tells the story of how he went from Ivy League drop-out to running the tree-to-bar organic Grenada Chocolate Company.
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