The Hottest Food And Menu Trends In The Culinary World – 2017 |

The Hottest Food And Menu Trends In The Culinary World – 2017

National Restaurant Association
Members of the American Culinary Federation were surveyed by the National Restaurant Association – What did they say would be the hottest trends that we’d see in 2017?
Food Trends New cuts of meat was number one on the top 20 list. Street food inspired dishes, healthful kids meals, and house-made charcuterie, were next in line.

Concepts Topping the list of concept trends was hyper-local sourcing. Others on the top ten list included sustainability, clean menus and natural ingredients.

Restaurant Concepts Number one pick was chef-driven fast-casual. Food waste reduction was also high on the list.
Some other trending items - House-made items and global/ethnic flavors were a big trending theme throughout the survey. Quinoa seems to be one menu trend that’s cooling off in 2017. Insects and molecular gastronomy are also on the way out according to the survey. One item predicted to be on the rise and trending on menus this year is poke.

The drinks - Craft /artisan spirits came in first for alcoholic beverages and house-made/artisan soft drinks under the non-alcoholic beverages category.


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