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Beef Sushi Becoming Popular

Photos: North American Meat Institute
What's one of the up and coming foods in the world of sushi? Believe it or not, the answer is beef. It's called "Beefshi" and this sushi-style concept is gaining popularity quickly. It will definitely help when you're dining out and you crave sushi, but your friend who doesn't eat seafood gives you two thumbs down. It's a great alternative so everyone will be satisfied. The beef products are fully cooked in Beefshi recipes, which also makes them safe for diners of all ages, and for those with certain health conditions that are prohibited from eating raw food.

Janet Riley of the North American Meat Institute, who was never a sushi fan, came up with the idea of marketing the sushi-style, fully cooked meat dishes and give folks a substitution for one of the most popularly eaten foods. To achieve this, the NAMI partnered up with a Culinary Institute of America trained chef and six Beefshi recipes were created. The recipes were made part of the Beef Checkoff campaign and the recipes are featured at Beefshi along with instructional videos, recipes and photos. The trend will hopefully be accepted and promoted by retail and foodservice operators. High-end sushi restaurants have been serving rolls made with Wagyu beef to the delight of carnivores for some time now. This campaign is designed to bring it more mainstream with fun food combinations.

Here are the innovative recipes that were included in NAMI's introductory launch:

Texas Asade Sushi – Roast beef rubbed with lime zest, ground cumin and garlic and rolls with Cilantro, slivered jalapenos and onions, crumbled cotija cheese. Served with salsa.

Inside Out Wisconsin Maki – Sushi rice on the outside wrapped around a stick of summer sausage, a sliver of Colby cheese and shaved dill pickles. Served with brown, spicy mustard.

New York Deli Roll – Corned beef takes the place of nori on the outside of the roll. Slivers of fresh horseradish and Swiss cheese are rolled into the middle. Roll the exterior in a few caraway seeds.

The Reuben Roll – Warm pastrami, sauerkraut and thinly sliced Swiss cheese rolled into sushi rice and served with Russian dressing.

The Hiker’s Roll – A traditionally styled roll with nori wrapping around sushi rice, filled with slivers of beef jerky, slices of egg omelet and pea shoots or watercress with the leaves poking out the top of the roll. Dip into sriracha.

Carolina Sushi – Shredded fried beef bologna and carrot slivers rolled in rice with a vinegared cabbage leaf in place of Nori.


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