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A Little Bit About Rice Pudding


Traditional rice pudding is made with milk, cream, rice, sugar, and vanilla. It can be flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, jams, marmalades and fruit. There are two ways to prepare rice pudding, either on the stovetop or in the oven and it can be made with many different types of rice. The best type to use is called pudding rice, which is similar to arborio rice and has a creamier consistency.

Rice pudding goes by different names in other parts of world. In Spain and some Latin countries it's called Arroz con leche and Arroz con dulce. In Asian countries, it goes by many names such as Put chai ko, Dudhapak, Bubur Sumsum and Shir-berenj. Also, it's usually made with the type of rice that is most prevalent in that country, as well as the spices that are used in their diet. For example, in India, it's made with basmati rice and saffron.

No matter how it's made, it's a delicious and very popular "comfort food" dessert. We have a recipe that has a little twist that adds lots of flavor.

Rice Pudding with Marmalade and Dried Cherries

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