The New Food Sprays From Mugaritz |

The New Food Sprays From Mugaritz

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Mugaritz in the North of Spain, has long been considered one of Spain’s most influential restaurants, and the avant-garde El Bulli alum Andoni Aduriz one of its most talented and creative chefs.Part of the recent mission of the team at Mugaritz has been to translate some of their modernist techniques to the home or hobby kitchen, "Over the last years, we have been immersed with AZTI-Tecnalia in the creation, gestation and definition of an innovative, practical, comfortable and useful range of productsOur spirit of translating the more advanced techniques used in the kitchen to a more general or daily field has resulted in a new line of food available to everyone." At the recent Madrid Fusión conference, they announced their New Food Spray, which comes in three different types of sprays: churros batter, tempura batter and pancake batter. It's kind of like the world's fanciest Cheez Whiz. This artsy short film sort of explains.


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