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Pop Goes The Muffin

Talking with Curtis Stone for yesterday's story about his new TV show, got us thinking about his old TV show Take Home Chef, in which he crept up on unsuspecting ladies in the grocery store, bought their groceries, and went home with them to teach them how to whip up an amazing meal for their loved ones. Doing the show gave Stone great insight to how little good equipment home cooks have, and a good idea of what they need.

He took those ideas and puts them to good use with his newly launched line of Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions. And solutions they are — the pieces are sleek, stylish and truly useful for the home cook. Like his line of Pop Out bakeware, these kind of completely genius baking pans.

"I'm not a great baker" Stone confesses, pointing out that these pans are designed as much for him as home cooks. "I always get things stuck in the metal pans. But baking with silicon doesn't get you that nice brown crust." He and his design team came up with a "how did no one ever think of this before" solution. The cake, loaf and muffin pans are a mixture of both: silicone panels bonded to nonstick metal. So you get the browning of a traditional pan with the squishy ease of silicon, and baked goods that easily pop out when you press the center.


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