The Negative Impact of California's Record Rainfall |

The Negative Impact of California's Record Rainfall

Raindrops have been falling on California!
California has recently gotten much needed rain…that’s the good news. The bad news is, many crops are being damaged, or at the least having a delayed harvest. The state is one of the biggest producers of fruits, vegetables, olives, and certain nuts. Root rot is a big concern in the vineyards. Crops have gone from one extreme to another, and most likely will eventually return to drought conditions. Ideas for water storage for future use is on everyone's mind now.
What does this mean for me?
Unfortunately, this means increased prices on many foods, as well as produce shortages. You won’t be able to readily get the produce items you need. You’ll also be paying much more for the items that are scarce. Greens such as spinach and lettuce were the hardest hit, so expect your salad prices to rise.
Are there some foods that aren’t being affected as much?
According to Olive Oil Times, farms in Southern California are happy with the large amount of rain. Even though they haven’t received enough to be totally out of drought territory, they’ll benefit from the rain in the northern reservoirs that supply them. Olives used to make olive oil require much less water than other produce to yield a good crop. With additional water readily available, they can irrigate more for an even greater harvest and larger fruit size.
California Farm Bureau President Paul Wenger explains the damage and worry these storms have brought to the farmers in his state in a recent PressReader article.


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