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Vegetables Bred For Flavor

We're all looking for that next thing, that new taste, and those foods that are better than we find in every grocery store. Now there are collaboratives that are making this quest a little easier to achieve. Local farms are focusing on varieties of fruits and vegetables that produce a crop that focuses on flavors that separate them from the average.

While great flavor seems like it should obvious, it's often comprised due to shipping time, pest resistance measures and too much concern over quantity, instead of quality of crops. Seed to Kitchen Collaborative at the University of Wisconsin in Madison is making this a reality. They are a group of plant breeders that work tirelessly to develop flavorful varieties of produce. They recently showcased their vegetables at a Farm to Flavor dinner.

Learn more about the Farm to Flavor dinners, who is involved in this initiative and examples of the vegetables that are bred for better flavor.


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