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Take That Carrot And Smoke It

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Are people more likely to eat healthy snacks if they come in packaging that is more reminiscent of naughtier treats? London-based industrial designer Daizi Zheng seems to think so, and she has conceptualized this unconventional collection of food packaging, called Stereotype, with that goal in mind. In her vision, carrot sticks are packaged like cigarettes, with healthy hummus in the lid, celery sticks come in a french fry container, and blueberries are blister-packed like pills. By using recognizable packaging to give healthy food a little makeover, Zheng hopes to provoke people to make a change to their standby snacks.


haisoodewa • 06/07/2012
I think they're probably correct. Not totally sure why, but the idea does make me a little sad (can't we enjoy a carrot for being a carrot?). Also, all the needless packaging/waste■■but if it could change a cultures eating habit for the better, sounds like an overall positive to me.
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