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Divine Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs, in some form, have been around a very long time. History tells us that the method of deviling food made its debut in the 18th century. The term "deviled" simply means foods with hot seasoning or with lots of spice. Farther back, ancient Romans had their own version of the deviled egg. They were basically boiled eggs with a spicy sauce.

Although they didn't originate in America, we have surely made them one of the most popular hor d'oeuvres today. While they're known as deviled eggs here, they go by many other names around the world such as Russian eggs, stuffed eggs, dressed eggs, mimosa eggs, angel eggs and picnic eggs.

The first written recipe for deviled eggs that included mayonnaise appeared in 1896. But it wasn't until the 1940's that mayonnaise was regularly used as a binder in a recipe. This was after refrigeration became standard practice and mayonnaise was now a common condiment found in most homes.
When throwing a party, it's fun to set up a do-it-yourself deviled egg bar. Prepare the eggs using a basic recipe and serve them with bowls of toppings such as pickled vegetables, bacon, caviar, cheese, shrimp, roasted peppers and jalapenos. This leads to countless flavor combinations. At the same time, it's also a great option for those guests who aren't so adventurous and prefer to eat their eggs unadorned. Deviled eggs are a very affordable appetizer, always a huge hit and many people consider them a "must-have" at gatherings.

We also find that they're making a big comeback on restaurant menus. Chefs are putting their own twist on the timeless classic with some interesting outcomes such as kimchi bacon, Caesar salad, and smoked salmon with capers to name a few. The recipes for deviled eggs are endless and it's really a fun food for you to get creative with. Add to that, how easy they are to make, and you'll want to start whipping some up right now!

Learn how to make Wasabi Deviled Eggs and Classic Deviled Eggs.

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