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Foie Fighters

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If it's Friday, we must be talking about foie. Specifically how chefs are dealing with California's statewide ban on the production and sale of foie gras which went into effect on July 1st.

As predicted, some chefs are working the legal loopholes. Hard. Some of our favorites law benders:

At Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach, Chef Sean Chaney boldly declares on his menu that the $13 Balsamic burger comes with balsamic thyme onions, whole grain mustard, and oh yeah, a complimentary side of foie gras.

Kali Dining, Chef Kevin Meehan's roving pop-up dining experience is technically a private club which has a minimum "donation" for meals, so technically the argument could be made that foie is not being sold. Meehan sent a memo to diners looking to reserve for his July dinners assuring them "Lets say i know a guy who knows a guy. We are proud to announce that we will be serving a foie course with every dinner in this installation, free of charge in celebration of this ban."

At Chez TJ in Mountain View, Chef Joey Elenterio gives foie to customers as "a special gift from the chef to those who order Chez TJ's $130 tasting menu."

Perhaps our favorite challenge to the law is the geographic exception being claimed by Presidio Social Club in San Francisco. Since the restaurant is located on federal land in the Presidio, they claim they are exempt from the state law and have added foie to their menu.


haisoodewa • 07/13/2012
What an awesome dimension to being creative in the kitchen.
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