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Opinionated About Dining Reveals Top 50 Japanese Restaurants

Photo of Les Créations de Narisawa by Tristan Ferne
Opinionated About Dining, the leading source of global restaurant rankings for devout diners headed up by Steve Plotnicki, has released its 2016 list of the “Top 50 Japanese Restaurants.”

OAD uses a unique algorithm to develop ranking lists. Each member influences the results based on the number of restaurants he/she has visited and the current ranking of those restaurants. At the end of each rating year, restaurants are ranked using a combination of data including: the type of reviews they attract (from positive to negative); the level of reviewer who visited (the percentage of experienced and inexperienced reviewers), and whether the number of reviewers who visited that year is trending upward, downward, or holding steady. By using this method, OAD eliminates a dilution of results experienced in other voting systems that are based on surveys, while at the same time offering everyone an opportunity to participate. The resulting list reflects the combined expertise of a community that is dedicated to the dining experience, versus the collective view of the average diner, or the subjective rating by a restaurant critic. The list of reviewers can be found here.
1. Sushi Saito – Tokyo
2. Matsukawa – Tokyo
3. Michel Bras – Toya, Hokkaido
4. Kyo Aji – Tokyo
5. Sushi Sawada – Tokyo
6. Den – Tokyo
7. Ishikawa – Tokyo
8. Ryugin – Tokyo
9. Miyamasou – Kyoto
10. Sushi Mitani – Tokyo
11. Kitcho - Kyoto
12. Mizai
13. Sushiya
14. Hajime
15. Harutaka
16. Quintessence
17. Azabu Yukimura
18. Nakamura
19. Kahala
20. Il Ristorante
21. Sushi Mizutani
22. Florilège
23. Chome Kyobashi
24. Château Restaurant Joël Robuchon
25. L’Osier
26. Les Créations de Narisawa
27. Hyotei
28. Kawamura
29. Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros
30. Hashiguchi sushi
31. Shima
32. Sushi Yoshitake
33. Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi
34. Takazawa
35. Sushiso Masa
36. Sushi Tokami
37. Pierre Gagnaire
38. L’Effervescence
39. Mikawa Zezankyo
40. Ukai-tei Omotesando
41. Aragawa (Tokyo)
42. Yanagiya
43. Sukiyabashi Jiro
44. Obana
45. Sojiki Nakahigashi
46. Ginza Koju
47. Sushi Sho
48. Seizan
49. Koryu
50. Sushi Kanesaka


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