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Eater's List of 2018's Most Anticipated Restaurants

Once again, Eater has their finger on the pulse of what's hot in the ever-changing restaurant world. They've just published their list of the 19 Most Anticipated Restaurants of 2018: Winter-Spring Edition.

One restaurant predicted as becoming a new favorite is an all-day café from the duo of Jody Williams and Rita Sodi. In the world of pizza, we are anxiously awaiting both Arizona pizzaiolo Chris Bianco's new Los Angeles spot, as well as Anthony Mangieri's return to the Manhattan dining scene.

The list is made up of unexpected collaborations such as a Japanese-meets-Italy project, new takes on Southern cuisine and some very innovative concepts. Here are, as chosen by Eater, the 19 most anticipated restaurants (and key players involved) opening for the first half of 2018.

Kaya - Nigel Jones, Daniel Patterson, Alta Group
San Francisco - Target open: January 11, 2018

Una Pizza Napoletana - Anthony Mangieri, Jeremiah Stone, Fabián von Hauske Valtierra
New York City - Target open: Late February/early March 2018

Loro - Tyson Cole, Aaron Franklin, Hai Hospitality
Austin - Target open: Late March 2018

Tartine Manufactory LA - Chad Robertson, Elisabeth Prueitt, Chris Bianco
Los Angeles - Target open: Spring 2018

Bavel - Ori Menashe, Genevieve Gergis
Los Angeles - Target open: Winter 2018

Simone - Jessica Largey
Los Angeles - Target open: Winter 2018

El Jardín - Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins, Rise & Shine Restaurant Group
San Diego - Target open: Spring 2018

Wolf's Tailor - Kelly Whitaker
Denver - Target open: April 2018

Honey - Maxcel Hardy
Detroit - Target open: Mid-2018

Bywater American Bistro - Nina Compton, Levi Raines, Larry Miller
New Orleans - Target open: Early 2018

Bar Crenn - Dominique Crenn, Matt Montrose
San Francisco - Target open: February 20, 2018

Super Mega Bien - Dana Rodriguez, Tony Maciag, Tabatha Knop
Denver - Target open: April 2018

Canard - Gabriel Rucker, Andy Fortgang
Portland, OR - Target open: Spring 2018

Justin Devillier's As-Yet Unnamed Brasserie - Justin Devillier, Mia Freiberger-Devillier
New Orleans - Target open: April/May 2018

Folk - Philip Krajeck
Nashville - Target open: March 2018

Angler - Joshua Skenes
San Francisco - Target open: June 2018

Milton's - Travis Milton
St. Paul, VA - Target open: February 2018

Yonder/Mae - Maya Lovelace
Portland, OR - Target open: Spring 2018

Bow and Arrow - David Bancroft, Caleb Fischer
Auburn, AL - Target open: June 2018


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