The Daily Meal's Biggest Restaurant Openings and Closings of 2017 |

The Daily Meal's Biggest Restaurant Openings and Closings of 2017

Photo courtesy of Booth One
The Daily Meal has put together their list of the biggest restaurant openings and closings of 2017. Some are bright stars on the horizon, while sadly, others light has dimmed over time.

Biggest Restaurant Openings of 2017
These are restaurants that hit the scene in a big way in 2017. From coast to coast, when these establishments opened, people paid attention. There was a buzz surrounding their openings and foodies have kept the momentum going. Many of these have big name chefs attached and were greatly anticipated. Time will tell if they will make the “best restaurant” list, but they were the biggest openings with lots of fanfare.

ABCV, New York
Atla, New York
Booth One, Chicago
China Live/Eight Tables, San Francisco
Dialogue, Santa Monica
The Grill, The Pool and The Lobster Club, New York
L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, New York
Proxi, Chicago
Somerset, Chicago
Theodore Rex, Houston
Verlaine, Los Angeles
Vespertine, Los Angeles
Photo courtesy of Bouley
Biggest Restaurant Closings of 2017
We often feel as if long established restaurants will be around forever. Many of them on this list were very well known, award winning, and will be greatly missed.

Bouley, New York
DBGB, New York
Joe Boston’s Italian Beef, Chicago
Lincoln, Portland
Pok Pok, Los Angeles
Ruxbin, Chicago
Schiller’s Liquor Bar, New York
The Shaw Bijou, Washington, DC
Trader Vic’s, Los Angeles
Tru, Chicago


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