Study Shows Sugar & HFCS Aren't So Similar After All |

Study Shows Sugar & HFCS Aren't So Similar After All

The corn sugar/high fructose corn syrup debate just got a little more interesting. Researchers at the University of Colorado have concluded a study that implies the human body does in fact treat HFCS differently than regular old sugar. Dr. Richard Johnson, co-author of the findings, says "Although both sweeteners are often considered the same in terms of their biological effects, this study demonstrates that there are subtle differences… Soft drinks containing HFCS result in slightly higher blood levels of fructose than sucrose-sweetened drinks." The study followed 40 men and women who each consumed 24 ounces of soft drinks a day. Those in the group who drank soft drinks with HFCS had increased uric acid as well as higher systolic blood pressure. Now that the researchers have demonstrated HFCS does exhibit unique immediate effects on the human body, the next step is to start researching its measurable long term effects.


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