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Portholes For All

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A big part of the magic of drinking at Aviary, or eating at Alinea or Next is the unique and unusual custom serving pieces and vessels Martin Kastner and his company Crucial Detail create for Achatz and Co, like the Porthole, a clear window-like container that cradles the infused cocktails at the Aviary. In fact a fair number of folks so try to abscond with the cool items. "No that's MY metal drinking straw/porthole/insert-other-clever-and-collectible-item-here in my purse. I totally came in with that. Really."

If you are less larcenous than some but still covet the cool goods you are in luck. Kastner has launched a KickStarter campaign to finance the making of many Portholes. The initial funding goal was hit in just about two hours and so far 629 backers have pledged $103,849 , with 26 days still to go. The minimum pledge for the project is $1 but if you have some larger change laying around, those kicking in $5,000 or more will have the chance to spend the day at the Aviary with Grant Achatz and Charles Joly, learn how to make cocktails in the kitchen, have some drinks with the super chefs and take home not one but two Portholes, signed by Kastner.
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bclarke001 • 08/16/2012
Reminds me a little of a Randall, a similar type vessel used to flavor freshly brewed beer. The Porthole is a little more complicated/engineered, love itThanks Lisa.
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