Top Chef Returns To California |

Top Chef Returns To California

Top Chef has announced some of the details of Season 13. The show will return to California, the scene of the the first season. The show will be a gastronomic road trip through the Golden State and both MC Hammer and Chrissy Teigen will appear. The season will launch with a two-night season premiere on December 2nd & 3rd. But in the meantime, here's a peek at who the cheftestants are this season and some of the shenanigans they will get into.

Meet the cheftestants:

Karen Akunowicz - Boston, MA
Angelina Bastidas - Miami, FL
Carl Dooley - Boston, MA
Garret Fleming - Washington, DC
Jeremy Ford - Miami, FL
Renee Kelly - Shawnee Mision, KS
Phillip Frankland Lee - Los Angeles, CA
Marjorie Meek-Bradley - Washington, D.C.
Kwame Onwuachi - Washington, D.C.
Amar Santana - Orange County, CA
Grayson Schmitz - New York, NY
Jason Stratton - Seattle, WA
Frances Tariga-Weshnak - New York, NY
Isaac Toups - New Orleans, LA
Wesley True - Atlanta, GA
Giselle Wellman - Los Angeles, CA
Chad White - San Diego, CA & Tijuana, Mexico


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