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What Is Hozon? What Is Bonji?

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You know miso and you obviously know soy sauce, but do you know hozon and bonji? In their effort to better understand umami, the Momofuku Culinary Lab has recreated some eastern staples with very different building blocks.
From their video description:

what is hozon?
hozon is a fermented, stone-ground seasoning made in the style of japanese miso paste. unlike traditional miso, hozon does not contain soybeans - instead, nuts, seeds, and legumes undergo fermentation with basmati rice koji. the grains are then ground to a smooth, creamy texture.
the name hozon comes from the japanese word for "preserved" and speaks to kaizen trading company's commitment to using traditional techniques to create new flavors through fermentation and preservation.

what is bonji?
bonji is a fermented, cold-pressed liquid seasoning made in the style of tamari and soy sauce. unlike traditional soy sauce, bonji does not contain soybeans, but is made from fermented local, hearty grains. taking cues from whiskey distillers, kaizen trading company ferments single-variety, single-origin grains from farms in the northeast united states with koji made from those same grains. after fermentation, the mash is pressed to produce an umami-filled sauce rich in amino acids, sugars, and active enzymes.
the name bonji comes from the korean word for "essence" and alludes to the distinctive and unique flavors extracted from each type of grain.

all hozon are vegan, unpasteurized, and made by hand in small batches at kaizen trading company in brooklyn, new york.


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