Mother's Day Gift Guide: Aprons |

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Aprons

While aprons may seem like a stereotypical gift, the pro aprons available in the Cooking District shop take things to another level with great materials and smart chic design touches like loops and extra pockets. These aprons make work and cleanup easier, whether you are shopping for is a pro or home cook, as well as teachers, artists, crafters, and gardeners.

Professional chef Fiona McKenzie says she tried all sorts of aprons, but none ever “fit the bill.” Tired of searching she decided to sew her own. After many prototypes and feedback from her colleagues, she created an apron that meets the needs of many vocations — The McKenzie Apron. Machine washable, with perfect pockets and triple stitched seams, the apron comes in a multitude of colors and cool patterns as well.

We also stock a variety of bib and waist aprons from the chef clothing collection from Mercer Culinary. These aprons are restaurant tested and The core products are 65/35 poly cotton twill blends that will stand up to the demands of any job and hold up wash after wash.

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