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The Way We Cook

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Cookbooks often fall into one of two categories: great to look at or great to cook from. The Way We Cook (Saveur): Portraits of Home Cooks Around the World falls firmly in the former camp, with a healthy pinch of the latter at the end. More than any of the other major food magazines, Saveur has made a point of celebrating the humble, authentic and rustic, the traditional food of home cooks from around the globe. For each of the 40 or so stories that the magazine assigns and publishes each year, only about 15 of the thousands of photos that are taken can be used in the magazine. This large glossy coffee table book is designed to showcase those unseen images from a diner in Oklahoma to a home kitchen in Latvia, to create a long form photo essay about and an ode to the act and craft of cooking.

The last portion of the book is where you will find the recipes, including a saffron- tinged Sicilian Pasta with Sardines, a Grilled Whole Fish with Tamarind from Kenya and from France both garlicky Baked Eggs with Chanterelles and Bistro French Fries made with duck fat.


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