California Foie Gras Ban Still On |

California Foie Gras Ban Still On

Photo by danielP2008
It was a frustrating week for California foie fans. A Los Angeles federal judge denied a preliminary injunction to halt enforcement of the July 1st ban on foie gras being sold in the state. This means that the lawsuit that was filed on July 3rd by producers — New York-based Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Canadian non-profit Association des Eleveurs de Canards et d’Oies du Québec — and chefs — Southern California’s Hot’s Restaurant Group, Inc. — will go to trial. The plaintiffs are positing that the ban is unconstitutional and interferes with federal commerce laws.

The injunction would have meant that the ban would have been suspended immediately. The plaintiffs are appealing the decision to the Ninth Circuit. Meanwhile The California Attorney General has filed to dismiss the original lawsuit entirely.


chefhans • 10/10/2012
I so hope this backwards thinking doesn't make it's way North. Foie is a food group unto itself and an integral part of cooking since Carem and Escoffier wore whites. For shame
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