Food Hall Phenomenon Is Hotter Than Ever |

Food Hall Phenomenon Is Hotter Than Ever

Food halls are continuing to open around country and they are the answer to what the public is looking for. Diners and shoppers love the idea of so many choices under one roof. Many are opening in renovated buildings with a historical background, thus adding unique charm and a welcoming atmosphere, as well as rejuvenating neighborhoods.

Some halls are run by a single owner, while others are made up of outside foodservice vendors, bringing in locally-owned popular eateries. Several of the newer food halls have a more vendor-friendly format, which allows restaurateurs more creative freedom with their spaces, as well as better financial structure to help the vendor's revenue. Market owners know that their success depends on the success of their operators.

Lisa Brefere, accomplished CEO of consulting firm Gigachef and co-founder of Cooking District, is part of the team at Pythian Market in New Orleans, and has been instrumental in the concept, design and development of this new market set to open in a historic building on Loyala Avenue this spring. She wants to make sure that their vendors feel comfortable when they commit to jumping on board. Her expertise and experience in this area helps her deliver solutions to achieve maximum results for both the market and the vendors.

As the food hall phenomenon continues to gain momentum, huge names in the culinary world and many veteran restaurateurs such as Thomas Keller, José Andrés and Michael Lomonaco are joining in and helping to redefine the culinary horizon. Markets and food halls provide them with a larger audience and they're not faced with as many of the brick and mortar requirements. Other new and notable food halls that have recently opened or coming soon are Lincoln South in Las Vegas, Zeppelin Station in Denver, and Hudson Yards in New York City.

Check out this recent article from Restaurant Hospitality that highlights the success of the national food hall evolution, including the highly anticipated Pythian Market.


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