Remembering Julia Child on her 100th Birthday |

Remembering Julia Child on her 100th Birthday

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As you probably know, Julia Child would have been 100 on Wednesday this week. The food world is doing quite a bit to remember her, and we thought it would be fun to share some stories. The anecdote may not be food focused, but it offers great insight to a culinarian we all still love and respect. A family friend was close with Julia- this was one of her short stories.
"Our family friend & Julia had a mutual friend getting married. The three of them were out shopping for bridesmaids dresses in Atlanta. This is back when you'd have a full team of women from the store assisting you during dress selection. One of the assistants brought a dress in with eyelet lace around the neck -actually a very conservative, dated look. Amish almost.

Julia stopped the assistant as soon as she entered the room and said, "Miss, the type of woman who would wear that dress is the type of woman who would never say Fuck. You can take that one away."
My prized copy of the book -it's been passed down a few generations


bclarke001 • 08/16/2012
Wow, Way to go Julia. No dresses w/ eyelet have ever been harmed in this family. Regards, Bruce
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