Does The Metal of Your Utensils Affect Taste? |

Does The Metal of Your Utensils Affect Taste?

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Photo by Zoe Laughlin
For chefs looking for ways to control the full gastronomic experience comes a study from Dr Zoe Laughlin and Prof Mark Miodownik at the UCL Engineering affiliated Institute of Making. One of the Institute of Making’s research projects is to explore the sensoaesthetic properties of materials — how do they feel, sound, or taste? Dr Laughlin created the same spoon in seven different metals —copper, gold, silver, tin, zinc, chrome and stainless steel. Testing ensued, including a dinner at Michelin-starred Indian restaurant Quilon. The scientific findings? Different metals did indeed affect the taste of the food. The gold spoons made the food shine brightest, but tin was also a hit with the taste testers, while zinc and copper imparted their own taste to the food.


amcesena • 06/19/2012
I agree with getting the right metal in your silverware. I'm sure we've all tasted the tangy edge of a spoon and had a strange reaction. I have 2 sets of common flatware because besides the taste of metal, the texture, size of the piece and mouthfeel can be important when eating a meal.
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