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Brusselicious 2012

If the phrase brusselicious brings to mind many flavorful things to do with sprouts, well, you are only partially right. Brusselicious 2012 is a year-long gastronomic festival that the European capital just kicked off. The year-long celebration of culinary triumphs will include events like a roasted wild boar and guinea fowl in the courtyard of the Town Hall accompanied by a folkloric fair in the Grand-Place with bear trainers and minstrels. Or champagne, caviar and lobster dinner in the prestigious Art deco rooms of the Villa Empain. There is also something called the Brussels food tramway where a tram will be converted into a restaurant and tour the streets of Brussels for two hours every evening. In June there will be the Dinner in the Sky. Just imagine a 22-person dining space, with a Michelin-starred chef in the middle, suspended high in the sky from a towering crane. There will also be odes to chocolate, beer, moules and frites. And probably some sprouts.


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