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Olisur introduces O-Live & Co and Santiago "New World" extra virgin olive oil from Chile. These estate grown and pressed EVOOs have quickly become the olive oil of choice for major culinary schools. Some of the estates EVOO blends have been recognized with Gold Medals at competitions in Italy and California. The fresh taste of these EVOOs makes them perfect for use in the kitchen everyday to cook with, finish or serve table side. All of the estates EVOOs are 2 hours fresh. This process insures every bottle has less than 0.2% acidity and zero defects. Get a bottle of O-live & Co and Santiago today.

Entrepreneur and OLISUR founder Alfonso Swett was traveling across Spain during a pleasure trip in 2001 when he noted the thousands of mainly small-sized olive plantations dotting the land from Santiago de Compostela to Seville, some with their own olive mills and presses where the oil was produced. He also sampled the flavors the best Spanish olive oils that accentuated the quality of food dishes. His interest in learning more about oiive oil production led to the idea that Chile possessed climate and soil conditions similar to those of Spain, Italy and Greece.

Thus the dream began to turn into reality. Alfonso gathered together a group of experts to identify the best soils, the best cultivars and the most modern processes to produce a Premium extra virgin olive oil that would be very harmonious for the palate.

This is how OLISUR was born - an idea that has begun to ripen.
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