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Alex Elman

Alex Elman
The Treasured Taste of Spanish Kings.

For 90 plus years, a legend has been growing slowly on the shady Spanish hillsides of Extremadura in the northern province of Caceres. It was here in the rugged region film maker Luis Bunuel called “the unpromised land” that King Alfonso XIII first encountered a queen, the manzanilla cacerena; a jewel of an olive that makes a gem of an EVOO. Because it’s the earliest harvested varietal (largely picked while still green), the oil has less fat content, grassy notes and a peppery buttery finish. Because the olives are picked practically without anything mechanical and produced traditionally (grove bottled and pressed using cold extraction in small, sometimes ancestral mills) it retains the distinct local color, character and flavor of the terrior. Because the bottle bears the name Alex Elman, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s from eco-friendly, environmentally responsible farms that respect the laws of nature. (For more on Alex, see below.) While a smoke point of over 400 degrees makes it ideal for cooking, it’s also perfect for finishing, drizzling, reigning supreme over seafood, salads or a crunchy loaf of bread. To put it in theatrical terms, this EVOO is confident enough to take center stage yet comfortable playing a supporting role whether in the kitchen, dining room or banquet hall. So, tomorrow, treat yourself like royalty with this majestic, 100% organic EVOO from Alex Elman. One taste and you’ll understand why it’s as treasured today as it has been for decades in the court of Spanish kings.

About Alex Elman

After losing her vision in her mid-twenties, Alex Elman has not only developed a highly refined palate but a highly respected brand. More than representing the “terroir” of the region, each and every product that carries her name is good for you, good for the environment and good for your wallet. She personally travels the globe with her Seeing Eye Dog General unearthing little known products that are made correctly, honestly and responsibly. Products that are authentic, approachable and affordable. Products that reinforce what her brand stands for.

Alex Elman. Taste comes down to Earth.
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