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Exclusive US distributor for the Pacojet
Swiss Culinary Equipment, Inc. is the exclusive US distributor for Pacojet AG, a global force in the foodservice market. Swiss Culinary Equipment will be responsible for distribution, and after-sales service, of all Pacojet products in the US, through its central location in North Carolina.

Josanne Kanipe, a Nutritionist and sales and marketing veteran, will lead Swiss Culinary Equipment as Chief Operating Officer. Mrs. Kanipe stated: "We are excited to enter the US market with a network of skilled manufacturers‘ reps, and trusted equipment dealers, who will promote the Pacojet based on its full capabilities. With this approach, Pacojet is projected to expand across all key segments of the foodservice industry."

The Pacojet is a must-have cooking system in professional kitchens, that micropurees fresh, deep-frozen ingredients to a velvety smooth texture without thawing. This unique "pacotizing" process results in intensified flavors, natural aromas, as well as vibrant, fresh colors — with any recipe, sweet or savory. Pacojet processes the complete content of the pacotizing beaker or portion by portion, from the top, down, while the product remains completely frozen. This allows for à la minute preparation, and 100% utilization of ingredients.