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The McKenzie Apron

Beautifully handmade aprons
As a professional chef for over 20 years, I decided to create and craft my own apron because I couldn't find one that "fit the bill." After many prototypes and feedback from colleagues I am confident this apron will protect you and keep your essentials handy. It's machine washable, a must for me, and you can pop it in the dryer without worrying about it shrinking. The ties are extra long so you can bring them to the front to tie or keep them at the back if you choose. I was always losing my side towel, hence, the handy loops at each side to pop your towel through. No more searching for one! A pocket at the top is handy for your pens, thermometer, and, ahem, glasses. The seams are triple stitched for longevity and every apron is 100% lined for safety and reversible with super soft, stain resistant microfiber. -Fiona McKenzie

These beautiful aprons are hand-made and all measurements are approximate; minor changes in the colors of the aprons and the shapes or sizes of the metal rings may occur. Accordingly, please allow an extra two days for your apron to be sewn & shipped.

Dimensions Regular aprons: Width from the waist down: 28" - 30” Length from the top of the bib to the base: 36” Width of the bib at the top: 10” Length from the top of the bib to the waist: 8 Length of the neck strap: 36” adjustable with quick release clips. Length of tab holding each D or circular ring: 1”