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Fermentation Kits and Accessories
The Ferment’n tale is one of family, ingenuity, fun and, of course, food. Ferment’n began in an artist’s studio in Berkeley, CA in 2013. Mikael Kirkman, a ceramicist and all-around creative fellow, had stumbled upon a way to combine two of his passions, food and art. Mikael saw a need to update the tools we use for home fermentation. Creating a simple set of pieces made of clay and recyclable plastic, Ferment’n was born, and home fermentation will never be the same again. Mikael’s love of veggies and fermented foods was cultivated from a young age. Raised by vegetarian parents and grandparents, he grew up hearing tales of trips to the basement to retrieve the sauerkraut, made with the most traditional methods; crisp, tangy, and filled with just the right kind of bacterial goodness. As for Mikael’s great-grandparents, their Eastern European lineage made sauerkraut a regular part of their diet, and fermentation as a preservation method was crucial in an era before refrigerators.