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Bon Appetit Box

Delightful boxes chock full of French treats.
Bon Appétit Box was created in 2014 by French husband and wife team, Zoé and Bertrand, high school sweethearts who bonded over a shared passion for food and travel! Bon Appetit Box, based in San Francisco, create delightful boxes chock full of French treats that are delivered to your doorstep. Every box is carefully curated with popular French treats to deliver as authentic an experience as possible, without needing to hop on a plane! Within your Bon Appétit Box, you will find 7 to 8 scrumptious gourmet items like juicy green olive tapenade from Provence, tasty Rillettes du Perigord or rich buttery sea salt caramel from Brittany. From the ancestral Apéritif ritual, to the modern Café Gourmand, Bon Appétit Box allows you to experience the flavors and traditions of France in a unique and fun way! Within each box, you will find a delicious array of goodies perfect for picnicking, before-dinner socializing, or as a well-deserved treat just for yourself. Every box includes detailed cards telling the story of the products within – origins, craftsmen, anecdotes, and tasting tips. Simply open your Bon Appétit Box and allow yourself to be whisked away on a French culinary adventure.