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Golden Apple Balsamic Vinegar

Size/SKU: 8.5 fl oz. (GEG1017)
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With a mild acidity, huge concentration of fructose, and massive fruit aroma, this golden Gegenbauer favorite is called “the elegant one.” Made from gently pressed golden delicious apples harvested on the Harmer Estate in Stripfing, 25 miles northeast of Vienna, the juice is simmered for days to concentrate the flavor and fruit sugar. After fermentation, the young vinegar weathers outside, maturing in oak barrels season by season for at least 5 years. In winter, a hibernation takes place. Come summer, liquid evaporates and the vinegar becomes more condensed. A difference you can taste on everything from cold, cooked sliced beef to chocolate cake.

Brand: Gegenbauer

Vendor: Epicure Pantry
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