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Flower Pollen 100% Natural - Organic

8 oz (RAY001)
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The world is chock full of rumours and stories about the mysteries of flower pollen and it's nutritional value. Frequently called the "only perfect complete food", it's lauded by athletes as a performance enhancer. Others simply call it a miracle. The facts are hard to ignore. While comparable in protein and mineral content with beef and beans, pollen averages more than ten times the thiamin and riboflavin and several times the niacin content. No one type, however, contains all the beneficial characteristics on it's own. Most frequently yellow, it's also found in red, purple, green, and orange; each variety somewhat different, each containing specific "energies", together forming a true wonder of nature. Try some. Because if flower pollen can make bees busy, imagine what it can do for you.
Brand: Rayon d'or