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White Alba Cinnamon - Sri Lanka

Size/SKU: 4 quills / 1oz (SOL001)
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Quite honestly, if you haven’t tasted this cinnamon, you haven’t really tasted cinnamon. Far different from the common cassia varieties of Vietnam and China, white alba has a much lower volatile oil content and a more complex flavor profile with subtle hints of citrus interwoven in its scent. In brief, it’s the highest grade available from a nation that produces 90% of the world’s cinnamon. No surprise. Island ancestors have been cultivating the spice since 1500. Passing on the know-how for growing and caring from generation to generation. Always hand harvested, often in remote locations, each “quill” is hand-rolled five times. Indeed one exceptional taste.

Brand: Soloway Selections

Vendor: Epicure Pantry
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