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Chef Reshard curry duck

Real true west Indian curry tonnes of flavours and very mouth watering
Folders: Trinidad west Indian curry
Categories: Indian
Primary Method: Caribbean style
10 serving
Prep Time:
1 hours
Step 1
12 lb • Ducks
4 as needed • Garlic head
1 as needed • Onion - large
5 as needed • Habeneros
12 as needed • Pimentos
10 bunch • Shadon benni
1 bunch • Podina
1 piece • Ginger root
3 tbsp • Curry powder
1 tbsp • Saffron
1.5 tbsp • Black Marsalla
1 tsp • Roasted geera
1 tbsp • Paprika powder
Salt as needed
Black pepper as needed
Roast after plucking the duckby using a torch andCut the duck into bite size pcs

Wash and clean the duck with flour water

Then drain properly

Pat it dry a little

Season with the salt an pepper then the fresh seasoning make sure the seasoning is chopped very small NOT BLENDED

Mix together then

Mix the curry and other spices together and spread over the duck and mix again

Cover and put in the refrigerator for at least 4hours to marinate

Step 2
4 tbsp • Curry powder
1.5 tbsp • Black masala
1 tsp • Saffron
3 tbsp • Garlic powder
5 bunch • Shadon benni
8 clove • Garlic clove
2 as needed • Habeneros
10 as needed • Pimentos
Salt as needed
Pepper as needed
5 bunch • Chives
Mix all powders and curry in a bowl

Put a large iron pot on the stove

Put oil in pot and get very hot

Add garlic to roast and when roasted crush then add the peppers

While that is roasting on high heat add a little water to the curry mixture and stir gently and wait

When the pimentos get little burnt very brown not black add the curry and let burn using a wooden spoon when the curry starts to stick mix the curry and loosen little this is normal curry suppose to burn a Lillie this is what west Indian ppl call (boonjaying)

When the curry starts to burn little and smells real good add the duck turn once. Properly to coat the duck and leave it to cook checking every 20 minutes

Mean while chopped the chives and shadon Benni and after the first hour spread the extra seasoning over the duck lower heat and cover to cook gently

The duck is done when the meat is very soft
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