Traditional Turkey Gravy - Recipe -
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Traditional Turkey Gravy

10 gal
Step 1
10 gal • Roasted Turkey Stock • cold
5 lb • butter
10 cup • flour, AP
• thyme, peppercorn, bay leaves • bouqet garni
• salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup • Butter • softened
1. In a large stockpot, melt the butter and incorporate the flour to make a roux

2. Cook and stir the roux constantly with a wooden sppon until roux is slightly brown and a nutty aroma is achieved

3. Add the cold stock a few cups at a time to create a very smooth "slurry" that resembles thick cake batter

4. Continue to add the stock in stages until all has been incorporated

5. Add the bouquet garni

6. Bring liquid to a full boil briefly to activate the roux

7. Reduce the heat and allow the gravy to simmer from two to four hours, stirring occasionally, allowing the gravy to reduce by 15%

8. Remove bouquet garni

8. Using a burr mixer, puree the gravy to ensure a smooth consistency

9. Whisk in the remaining butter

10. Season to taste and hold for service
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